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We love working with other small businesses who are making their dreams and passions come to life.

This company started with a love for social media. We love how it can transform a business, increase revenue and brand awareness.


i'm kelci!

My name is Kelci Douglas and I own Douglas Marketing. I live on an island in the Pacific Northwest with an adorable pup named Reece and 12 egg producing chickens. As a result of growing up in the PNW, I am in love with the outdoors, I am a coffee snob (no Starbucks, please) and my guilty pleasure is cookie dough ice cream. Most of all, I am an obsessive planner and total perfectionist. I enjoy the creativity of developing digital marketing strategies and checking in on the analytics to ensure a projects success (I know… analytics, yuck). I love what I do because I get to help people grow their business.


a little backstory...

Ever since I was little, I’ve been creative. I started out making scrapbooks with my mom, painting my animals on canvas and writing creative stories. After several years, I finally discovered marketing was my passion when I developed a one of a kind strategy for my family business. Why yes, that does say “Titty, Titty, BANG! BANG!” My grandma is a breast cancer survivor and a total badass, so we did this in her honor. Ask me about it!

Getting to interact with other passionate people is what I love the most. Learning about your business, your successes and pain points, to discover how I can best help you grow is my favorite part.


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