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We create custom social media strategy's for your business.

Are you dedicated to showing up on social media for your business but don’t know where to begin? Do you start a post but then struggle to come up with a topic to write about?

If you answered YES, then you need a social media strategy! A social media strategy will help guide you when you’re creating posts. Instead of creating mindless, insignificant posts, a social media strategy gives you a plan to follow to reach your business goals. Not only that, but having a strategy will save you hours of time and allow you to post with ease every day.

Your Social Media Strategy Investment Includes:

First, you’ll fill out a questionnaire about your business, your goals, and what you’re currently doing. This step informs us about your business, and what you want to accomplish with your social media strategy.

After you’ve filled out your questionnaire, we will schedule a call to review your answers and get a better idea of who you are as a business. This step allows us to get all the information we need to create a unique, one of a kind strategy for you.

Next, we will take a look at what you’re currently doing and assess how we can make improvements. We will evaluate the following:

  • Post content
  • Hashtags
  • Bio and page information

This step helps us understand where you’re struggling, and what we can do to improve your strategy and generate results.

We will create a custom social media strategy for Facebook and Instagram after talking with you and auditing your social media account. Your strategy will include:

  • 30-day content calendar suggestions
  • Page optimization suggestions (bio, highlights, business info, etc.)
  • 3 sets of 30 hashtags 
  • 3 live video ideas

This step is the most exciting for us because we get to create on your behalf, aligning your business goals and setting up a unique plan to reach them.

We will meet with you in person or via video chat to unveil your custom social media strategy. We will go over the following:

  • How to implement the strategy
  • How to automate your posts
  • How to engage to get the best results
  • How to know if the strategy is working

BONUS: We’ll tell you the programs we use to help us create a consistent presence on social media.

We want to make sure that you are able to implement your strategy with ease, so we’ll keep in contact after we give you the strategy. Should you have any questions after our session, you’ll have the opportunity to ask us anything in the follow up calls. We schedule them 2 weeks out and 4 weeks out from our initial session.

Let's get started!

Stop feeling lost, and start saving time by having a plan for your social media. Investing in a social media strategy will be the best marketing investment for your business!

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