Your elite guide to plan and create 30 days of compelling, custom social media content in less than 3 hours.


Let me guess...

“I ran out of ideas of what to post 🥴”

“I struggle to write captions that get engagement from my followers”

“I don’t know where to begin with creating my strategy and content pillars😰”

“When I sit down to create, I get writers block and just freeze – I need some inspiration to shake things up!”

Sound familiar?

What if you had a proven framework to follow to create your own custom content weeks in advance?!

I wasn’t ready to make an investment, so I said no. But then I kept following Kelci, and eventually realized that if I wanted to improve my social media game at all, then I needed her help. Even just after posting a couple days consistently, I noticed engagement go way up!

Becky Byrd

Owner of Shoebox Scrapbooking


  • Optimize your account so it’s ready to attract new followers + leads
  • Schedule your content a month or more in advance with custom content pillars
  • Reach more ideal clients with specific hashtags just for you
  • Utilize video consistently with easy-to-follow IG Story prompts
  • Streamline your social media to have more freedom in your schedule

Sound like something you need?


Well hey there,

I'm Kelci!

I am obsessed with helping businesses create social media strategies that allow them to earn their desired (5k+) consistent income from Instagram.

Not only have I grown my own 6-figure biz, but I’ve helped other business owners, like YOU, grow their following, resulting in more sales just by using their social platforms more strategically.

Do you want results like these? 👇🏼

This could be YOU in a matter of weeks.

Imagine having...

  • A cohesive content plan that shares the heart of your business to attract dream clients with ease
  • Content pillars that you can repeatedly go back to for inspiration when you have those writer block moments
  • 30+ days of content scheduled and automated so you have more time to dream big and plan for your 6-figure business

Yes - it's possible! Don't just take it from me...


How do you know if this is for YOU?

  • you are ready to take back your time so you can spend more time with your family + being the visionary in your business
  • you want to create content that you’re proud to call your own
  • you are tired of DIYing your business and want support from an expert
  • you want your social media to bring in qualified clients so you can make more money

This is NOT a good fit if...

  • You aren’t willing to set 3 hours aside each month to create content for your social media

  • You don’t want to be the one writing content

  • You’re already killin’ it on the ‘gram getting likes, engagement, shares and inquiries about your services


Do you feel like you need a Social Media Blueprint?

well no kidding, that's why you are scrolling the sales page 😜


What's included...


  • 8 custom content pillars with prompts to effortlessly create social media posts
  • 30 day content calendar with unique post topics for your brand
  • 30 days of compelling IG story prompts
  • 90 niche hashtags, researched for your business


  • 3 proprietary caption formulas
  • 15+ caption templates to plug + post on your social media
  • Interactive monthly content calendar
  • Hashtag research spreadsheet

Ready to "WOW" the Instagram algorithm with your amazing content?

Did Someone Say Bonuses?!

Oh yes, there's more...


Get 1 week of Voxer access for 1:1 coaching in your back pocket as you implement your brand new strategy!

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ACT FAST! $200 off my Signature Social Media Blueprint ends in...


Price increase of $200 after January 19.

Why pay more when you can create your *Insta-worthy* feed in a matter of weeks? 

Serena was able to get clients from Instagram by creating better content + using strategic hashtags…

She has helped me nail down how to serve my ideal clients best with my messaging, and I’ve finally gotten conversions from Instagram! You can’t go wrong with her – she’s the best.

Serena Sterling

Owner of DR. Serena Sterling

What if you started creating content that your audience actually loved to consume?

Let me show you how your content can attract your dream clients.

*TWO* payment options available for you

Click below to sign up + pick a payment option that works for you!


Everything inside SMB plus 30 days of Voxer support to implement your new strategy to ask all things social media + business!
$ 897 one time purchase
  • 8 content pillars
  • 30 day DFY content calendar
  • 30 IG story prompts
  • 3 caption formulas
  • 90 niche hashtags
  • 15 caption templates


$ 597 one time purchase
  • 8 content pillars
  • 30 day DFY content calendar
  • 30 IG story prompts
  • 3 caption formulas
  • 90 niche hashtags
  • 15 caption templates

Are you ready to plant your roots online?

inquire with us today. you won’t regret it.

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